Onward - Beyond Magic, on the occasion of the 50th edition of the Giffoni Film Festival

The new Disney and Pixar Onward movie - Beyond Magic, previewed at the 50th edition of the Giffoni Film Festival, a special screening for hundreds of young jurors to get excited again on the big screen and rediscover the magic of the cinema together. Directed by Dan Scanlon and produced by Kori Rae, the creative team that made Monsters University, Onward - Beyond the Magic includes Sabrina Ferilli among the Italian voices (Laurel Lightfoot), Fabio Volo (Wanted Lightfoot), Favij (spiritello), Raul Cremona (Sorcerer's Apprentice) and David Porec (waiter). When two teenage elf brothers, Ian e

The section dedicated to children and young people of the ShorTS International Film Festival 2020


ShorTS International Film Festival 2020: torna la sezione dedicata a bambini e ragazzi La manifestazione cinematografica, che si svolgerà online dal 4 al 12 July, conferma anche per la 21° edizione Shorter Kids’n Teens, the section dedicated to the very young. A real "festival within the festival", con due giurie composte rispettivamente da bambini dai 6 to 10 anni e da ragazzi dagli 11 to 15 years, che quest’anno potranno partecipare da tutta Italia.   Appuntamento online con due pomeriggi dedicati a corti per bambini e ragazzi, che saranno valutati dai giovanissimi giurati di ShorTS 2020.   Small, great cinema

Pinocchio as he sees Matteo Garrone: review of Marina fearful

In Italian cinemas from 19 December, Pinocchio is the last, anticipated film by Matteo Garrone. Undertaking anything but easy, the present. Especially because it must first come to terms with what has been produced in the past (as well as with both the book by Carlo Collodi). E se, until today, the famous The Adventures of Pinocchio by Luigi Comencini (1972) it is among the best film adaptations, here is that the same Garrone was inspired just carry it in his latest work. The story that we all know: the carpenter

Angry Birds 2 – Pennuti against Piglets, but sometimes the union is strength - The Review

Pennuti against Piglets - but sometimes the union is strength: il nuovo cartone esilarante della Sony “Angry Birds 2” – La recensione Cartone animato che va bene anche per adulti con il desiderio di evadere dalla realtà quotidiana. Having said that under the layer of comic history are hidden universal themes such as the acceptance, the feelings of brotherly love but also of revenge. And on this feeling backbone for the story that sees this time the birds and the pigs are "forced" to join to prevent the destruction of their

THE LION KING live-action remake of Disney - review of Marina fearful

from 21 August in Italian cinemas, The Lion King, directed by Jon Favreau is the live-action remake of the famous Disney animated feature made in 1994. How did it happen, therefore, for most of the feature films in live action of recent years, Also in the present work it is faithfully reflected the original screenplay, with the only addition of some directorial flick and some (auto)quote (The beauty and the Beast, about that, It is among the works drawn into question). The story that we all know: the little lion cub


(Cannes, France - 13 May 2019) - There is nothing better than a common enemy to unite the sworn enemies, so on the eve of 72 Th Cannes Film Festival, angry birds and unable to fly, and the green pigs in Angry Birds 2: Enemies Friends Forever occurred together in front of cameras. Something unusual happened during a photo-call took place this afternoon at the Carlton Hotel pier when the protagonists of the film have faced their new armed enemy of

Slava's Snowshow at the Teatro Biondo in Palermo

Back at the Teatro Biondo in Palermo a fascinating and magical world of Slava's Snowshow, lo spettacolo più amato da adulti e bambini SLAVA’S SNOWSHOW è considerato «un classico del teatro del XX secolo» (“The Times”), seen in dozens of countries, hundreds of cities, thousands of times by millions of viewers. His brilliant inventor, Slava Polunin, It is considered "the best clown in the world", a clown who has been able to renew enriching tradition with surprising theatrical inventions. Inspired by the philosophy of refined Pantomime Marcel Marceau and the human and comic poignancy of the great films of Charlie


Judges alert and prepared since small: the jury of the 48th edition of the Giffoni Film Festival in charge of rewarding, not only feature films and documentaries, but also of the shorts Gryphon Award winners 2018. It starts with the youngest, gli Elements +3, who discovered - probably for the first time - the magic of movies in cinemas Giffoni. The taste of the youngest elected the animated short ANT (Julia Ocker, Germany) story of a small ant that instead of following the rules rather upset them

#GIFFONI2018 48th EDITION: 20/28 JULY 2018

Here are the numbers of the 48th-led Claudio Gubitosi of GIFFONI which confirms the first festival aimed at youth with the participation of thousands of jurors: 100 works, of which 11 Italian, competition in 8 competitive sections that recall in Giffoni Valle Piana (SADDLE) 5601 jurors from 52 Countries of the world, 13 previews, 6 special events, 28 films including events, marathons and festivals, over 90 talent and guests between cinema, music, tv, web, writers, authors, entrepreneurs and representatives of institutions expected on the Citadel of Water Carpet

After Chicken Run Nick Park presents its new "politically scorrect" stop motion The Primitives for children and large

In Italian cinemas from February 8, Primitive is the last work of the famous British animator Nick Park, winner in the 2001 Academy Award for Best Feature Animation for Chicken Run, where they were staged - with careful in stop motion technique and fine figures made out of clay - the universal themes of friendship and the right to individual freedom. We are in the Stone Age. Following a volcanic explosion, some primitive men began kicking a round hot stone. This gave rise to the football, afterwards