#NOMADLAND scritto, directed and edited by CHLOÉ ZHAO Leone d’Oro at # Venezia77 on Disney +

After the economic collapse of a corporate town in rural Nevada, Fern (Frances Mc Dormand) he loads his luggage into his van and sets out on the road in search of a life outside conventional society, like a modern nomad. This third feature by director Chloé Zhao, NOMADLAND sees in the cast the presence of the real nomads Linda May, Swankie and Bob Wells as Fern's mentors and travel companions as he explores the vast landscapes of the American West. Nomadland Leone d'Oro at the Venice Film Festival also obtained

A 40 years from the cowardly murder IlDelittoMATTARELLA on #SKYCINEMADUE

IN FIRST VISION THE 6 JANUARY at 19.15 , the 10 JANUARY at 21.15 e ON DEMAND Un film di Aurelio Grimaldi con Antonio Alveario, Claudio Castrogiovanni, Nicasio Catanese, David coco, Francesco Di Leva, Donatella Finocchiaro, Lollo Franco, Sergio Friscia, Ivan Giambirtone, Leo Gullotta, guide Jelo, Francesco La Mantia, Vittorio Magazzù,Tuccio Musumeci, Tony Sperandeo e Andrea Tidona Dopo la breve apparizione nelle sale a luglio da domani, forty-one years after the murder, premiered on SKY CINEMA DUE, distributed by Cine1 Italia, “Il Delitto Mattarella” directed by Aurelio Grimaldi, co-produced by Cine 1 Italy and Orange Cinema e

RAIUNO opens on 2021 without rhetoric with a revolutionary woman: #CHIARALUBICH

Presented by the Director of RaiUno Stefano Coletta who remembers when he met the protagonist who is told without rhetoric in this film for television. Chiara had met God in action, being a very practical woman. Due dates did not forget Christmas and S. Luigi. His life dedicated to the family and therefore to the home, albeit in times of war. For her, every encounter was a gift from God, that is, the Christian reading already predicted by Liebnitz in an anticipation of an ecumenical vision. Director Giacomo Campiotti pointed out that yes

THE SECRET - The hidden truths: the review by Maria Vittoria Battaglia

When the memory fails to forget - un thriller da capogiro È arrivato nelle sale italiane dal 15 October, distributed by Vision Distribution and Cloud 9 Film, THE SECRET - The hidden truths, directed by Yuval Adler with Noomi Rapace, Joel Kinnaman, Chris Messina, Amy Seimetz. Unfortunately, the new contrasting DCPM of COVID19 has interrupted its usability in the room. A whistle. Thus begins the story that Yuval Adler wants to tell us and we immediately find ourselves in the America of the 60s, masterfully represented with pastel colors and soft and warm lights. A whistle

Alone at my wedding: history of social and psychological distress

From 1 October at the cinema directed by Marta Bergman presented at the ACID section of Cannes and at the Rome Independent Film Festival. Distributed in Italy by CINECLUB INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION. The director, Romanian by birth, she immediately dedicated herself to the documentary, exploring Romania and observing Roma communities. This is his first fiction feature film. Finally, after the stop due to the pandemic, this harrowing story of social and psychological unease arrives in our rooms. It is the story of the young Roma Pamela, single mother, which for itself and for

ROUBAIX, A LIGHT by ARNAUD DESPLECHIN: the review by Maria Vittoria Battaglia

Thriller incompiuto che mette a nudo l’umanità dei criminali di una Francia desolata Esce il 1 October, distributed by No.Mad Entertainment, ROUBAIX, A LIGHT, film by Arnaud Desplechin in Competition at Cannes 2019 and premiered at the RENDEZ-VOUS in Rome. The film was designated Film of the Critics by the National Union of Italian Film Critics - SNCCI with the following motivation: “An experienced and compassionate commissioner. Two women who are lovers and possibly murderers. A city, Roubaix, far north of France, wasteland and impoverished land, filmed with livid and nocturnal tones. A polar

Greenland, di Ric Roman Waugh: the review by Maria Vittoria Battaglia

L’ultima catastrofe che si abbatte sul Pianeta Terra mette a nudo l’empatia umana che si basa sulla speranza GREENLAND un film di RIC ROMAN WAUGH con GERARD BUTLER e MORENA BACCARIN DAL 1° OTTOBRE AL CINEMA distribuito da UNIVERSAL PICTURES e LUCKY RED in associazione con 3 MARYS ENTERTAINMEN Greenland è una storia che ormai abbiamo già sentito: there is some natural catastrophe - in this case the collision of a comet, Clarke - leading to the end of the world and / or the extinction of mankind. And there it is, in front of

Paolo Conte, Away with me by Giorgio Verdelli: the review by Maria Vittoria Battaglia

Il lato musicale di Paolo Conte artista a 360° Presentato Fuori Concorso alla 77ma Mostra di Venezia il film no fiction è in arrivo nelle sale italiane, produced by Sudovest Produzioni, Indigo Film in collaboration with Rai Cinema, only the 28, 29, 30 September distributed by Nexo Digital in collaboration with the media partners Radio Capital, MYMovies.it, Rockol.it and with Concerto Music. "On the amaranth mouse it goes which is a charm" sang Conte in the 70s. And the same amaranth mouse guides us through Piedmontese landscapes and narrow streets of Asti in one

Endless by young director Scott Speer: review of Marina fearful

Maldestro dramma adolescenziale che ricorda il film cult GHOST di Zucker Nelle sale italiane dal 23 September, Endless distributed by EAGLE Picture is the latest feature by young director Scott Speer. Riley (Alexandra Shipp) and Chris (Nicholas Hamilton) they're young, cute and in love. Chris has a passion for motorcycles, while Riley seems to have a keen talent for drawing. Even if the two seem apparently the polar opposite, in reality they are very close. One evening, upon returning from a party, But, young people are involved in a car accident, following which

#GENESIS 2.0 : when Man wants to replace God

Ecosystems are so compromised by the hand of Man that in the archipelago of the islands of Antarctic Siberia it is now a wild race to find the so-called "White Gold" (ed: Ivory) consisting of the Mammoth Fangs which for over 30.000 years have been preserved under the now melted ice sheet. The inhabitants of those lands on the verge of survival who in ancient times were afraid of the discovery of the remains of an animal considered sacred, they have now become the new gold diggers. In good weather, hundreds of them pour into the Antarctic archipelago