#CANNES 2020: the Cannes Film Festival is at a crossroads

After Macron's speech on Angel Monday, the Cannes Film Festival is at a crossroads: Not just Cannes, but also Venice, Locarno are at a crossroads so as not to perish. Since Cannes is temporally the first, he will have to take the first step forward for CINEMA. DA SOLI NON CI SI SALVA IL PRESIDENTE DELLA REPUBBLICA Macron ha scelto il Lunedì dell’Angelo per rivolgersi ai francesi SUL CORONAVIRUS, COVID-19. So begins his speech (read full text) very heartfelt, but decided that it does not give space to interpretations, before 11 May, France remains armored


The edition 2019, the first under the artistic direction of Lili Hinstin, It ended with the awarding of the Golden Leopard at VITALINA VARELA the Portuguese Pedro Costa. (Locarno Luigi Noera - Photos are published courtesy of the Locarno Film Festival) In the eleven-day festival in Locarno72 they were presented 245 films but also the tenderness of Fredi M. Murer and determination of Hilary Swank who went the recognition of the Pardo d'Oro career, l'empatia the SONG Kang-to Bong Joon-ho, the temperament of John Waters

THE STREETS OF CINEMA: The Venice film and the Leopards of Locarno (Milano, from 19 al 27 September)

LE VIE DEL CINEMA I FILM DI VENEZIA E I PARDI DI LOCARNO Milano 19 | 27 settembre Programma di domenica 23 - Monday 24 Its tuesday 25 settembre Tanti i nuovi titoli, which are added, some replicas in the program of the cinema roads for Sunday 23, Monday 24 Its tuesday 25 September. Among the first several award-winning: The River Emir Baigazin Horizons Award for Best Director, The Nightingale di Jennifer Kent, Special Jury Prize and Mastroianni Award at Baykali Ganambarr, The Man Who Surprised Everyone, di Natasha Merkulova e Aleksey Chupov, Horizons Award for Best Actress Natalya Kudryashowa. Do not miss Tuesday 25 September at 20.30, all'Anteo_Palazzo Film, The Other


The latest edition to the artistic direction of Carlo Chatrian, awards the Golden Leopard in A LAND imagined the Singapore YEO Siew Hua director. From Locarno Luigi Noera - RaccontardiCinema (the photos are published courtesy of the Locarno Film Festival) With nearly 300 films shown in less than two weeks, of which 18 Piazza Grande and 15 in International Competition ends the adventure of Carlo Chatrian. Among the special guests of this year unforgettable salute to the Piazza di Ethan Hawke and Ted Hope, conversations with the audience of Meg Ryan,

Special LOCARNO71: It is the film Sibel won the Ecumenical Prize at Locarno

The Ecumenical Jury at the Locarno Film Festival has awarded the Prize 2018 Sibel to Guillaume Giovanetti and Çağla Zencirci (France, Germany, Luxembourg, Turkey 2018) The film tells the story of a young woman, Sibel, who lives in a village near the Black Sea in Turkey. The members of this community still maintain ancestral traditions and in particular the way they communicate through a special language. Sibel is marginalized because it is silent. He spends most of his time in the forest where he tries to live the freedom that

SPECIAL LOCARNO #71: DAY 7 – The standings after 7 days of screenings

Dispiace che i film italiani più belli siano fuori concorso Da Locarno Luigi Noera – RaccontardiCinema (the photos are published courtesy of the Locarno Film Festival) Our presence in Locarno ends today after viewing 35 unreleased films including 31 feature films. In this regard we propose our ranking personnel who unfortunately spoiled by not having seen all the movies. We may not be as lucky as years prior to seeing the best movie but here's what we think of this edition that closes the loop to guide Carlo Chatrian: Piazza

SPECIAL LOCARNO #71: DAY-5 The last time Carlo Chatrian driving Festival

From Locarno Luigi Noera (the photos are published courtesy of the Locarno Film Festival) With a parting in the style of the popular Festival of the Old Continent as well in his debut Carlo Chatrian Love Letters - Locarno71: "I would like to place this issue in the name of humanism. Place in the middle of the program the man may seem obvious; However it seems to me that never before in this age people are afraid to face the next. He prefers to look down, drop it on a small monitor that never abandons us and that, like a blanket of

The cinema across the Great Festival returns the exhibition FROM VENICE TO ROME, After LOCARNO IN ROME

The project Cinema across the Great Festival after festival FESTIVAL IN ROME, event eagerly awaited by all fans of cinema, now in its 17th edition, which it was held by the 6 al 9 September within the arena of Film Nights at Piazza Vittorio, today returns the exhibition FROM VENICE TO ROME. The initiative is part of the Roman summer program sponsored by Rome City Department of Cultural Growth and realized in collaboration with SIAE. Conceived and organized by ANEC Lazio, in collaboration with CityFest - Fondazione Cinema per Roma. The

Special # LOCARNO70 : The Awards jury divided critics and while France is full of Pardi

It could not be otherwise because the selection 2017 which comprises more than fifty new works is characterized as already stated by a massive presence of 0ltre Alpe film (about one third of new titles). The curiosity is that, as often happens, the jury has distanced itself from criticism by assigning the Grand Prize of the Festival and the City of Locarno to the film: MRS. FANG di WANG Bing, which unfortunately we have not seen but which has enjoyed instead of a third place of criticism among the most authoritative and in particular

#LOCARNO70 – The winners

The Locarno festival draws to a close last night and were delivered during the official ceremony the prizes to the winners of the various sections followed by the screening of GOTTHARD - ONE LIFE, ONE SOUL, Kevin Merz. But here are the winning films: Concorso internazionale Pardo d’oro MRS. FANG di WANG Bing, France, China, Germany Premio Speciale Della Giuria (Special Jury Prize) GOOD MANNERS di Juliana Rojas, Marco Dutra, Brazil, France Pardo per la Miglior Regia F. J. OSSANG for 9 FINGERS, France, Portugal Pardo per la Miglior Interpretazione Femminile ISABELLE HUPPERT in MADAME HYDE di Serge Bozon,