Diagonal Channel: the streaming offer of the festival


In conjunction with the festival week, i portali di streaming Flimmit e KINO VOD CLUB offriranno collezioni curate con diversi focus e una biglietteria digitale dall'11 giugno. L'offerta digitale di Canale Diagonale sarà completata da esclusive anteprime online dei film in concorso sui siti web di FM4 e Ö1 e da trasmissioni in diretta degli eventi del festival. Quest'anno, for the first time, the Diagonale awards ceremony will also be broadcast as an ad hoc show: la Great Diagonale Price Review, conceived and created by Sebastian Brauneis, potrà essere vista domenica sera

Christine Ostermayer riceverà il Grand Diagonale Acting Award 2021

christine ostermayer

On the occasion of the opening ceremony of the festival, l'8 giugno, la Diagonale'21 assegnerà per la quattordicesima volta il Großer Diagonale-Schauspielpreis per i contributi alla cultura cinematografica austriaca. La Diagonale è lieta di annunciare che quest'anno il premio va a Christine Ostermayer. L'attrice di teatro, cinema and television will receive the award - un’opera d'arte di Verena Dengler - in Graz in person. "Small refined gestures, impersonati con nobile grazia: non importa dove e in quale ruolo significativo l'attrice Christine Ostermayer è apparsa sul palco - ha sempre conquistato il suo pubblico". With

Preview tour: Ulrike Ottinger


Nell'ambito di un tour congiunto con l'Österreichisches Filmmuseum e il Crossing Europe Film Festival di Linz, la Diagonale'21 presenta in anteprima a Graz Paris Calligrammes (DE/FR 2019) di Ulrike Ottinger. La Ottinger, che ha ricevuto un premio alla carriera alla Berlinale 2020, sarà presente di persona alle proiezioni di Linz, Vienna e Graz. The Diagonal, il Festival del Cinema Austriaco, proietterà la sua "poesia visuale cinematografica" (calligramma), che è già stata presentata in anteprima a Berlino l'anno scorso, come implemento del suo speciale Sehnsucht 20/21 - Eine kleine Stadterzählung nella sezione

Sebastian Höglinger and Peter Schernhuber directors of the Diagonale until 2023


La Diagonale is pleased to announce that the contracts of Sebastian Höglinger and Peter Schernhuber as artistic directors of the festival will be extended until 2023 at the request of the General Assembly. Due to the ongoing crisis in the cultural and film sector, the General Assembly of the association promoting the Diagonale considers it essential to maintain the continuity of the festival and continue the course of the Diagonale undisturbed until it returns to normal, which is desired by all. A tal fine, Sebastian Höglinger and Peter Schernhuber were invited by the presidents to extend their term of office for

SPECIAL 71st #BERLINALE - session 1/5 March 2021 #15 (DAY 5): A Cop Movie by Alonso Ruizpalacios - the review by Marina Pavido

(Berlin Luigi Noera with the kind collaboration of Marina fearful - Photos are published courtesy of the Berlinale) Awarded the Silver Bear for Best Technical Contribution to the Berlinale 2021, A Cop Movie is the latest feature by filmmaker Alonso Ruizpalacios. Teresa e Montoya. A young couple, fallen in love. A couple like many others. O forse no? A Cop Movie kicks off as an ordinary detective film. But, in fact, during the staging, it never ceases to surprise us. Teresa talks in the car and tells us her story. Non

SPECIAL 71st #BERLINALE - session 1/5 March 2021 # 10 (DAY 2): Hygiène sociale by Denis Côté - the review by Marina Pavido

(Berlin Luigi Noera with the kind collaboration of Marina fearful - Photos are published courtesy of the Berlinale) Presented in the Encounters section at the Berlinale 2021, Social Hygiene is the latest feature by Canadian director Denis Coté. Antonin is a dandy with the ambition of becoming a famous writer. And this could also have happened if man had not always had a live and let live attitude, living inside the car of a friend of his and never taking any initiative. This attitude has always unnerved both

SPECIAL 71st #BERLINALE - session 1/5 March 2021 #6 (DAY 1): Nous by Alice Diop - the review by Marina Pavido

(Berlin Luigi Noera with the kind collaboration of Marina fearful - Photos are published courtesy of the Berlinale) Premiered at the Berlinale 2021 - Encounters section - Nous is the latest feature film by French director Alice Diop. The RER, Paris, is a special metropolitan transport network. And just as in his time Ganfranco Rosi did in the documentary Sacro G.R.A., the director told us a series of stories of people who live in different areas of the city (in which, just, passes the RER) in order to

The Diagonal 2021 postponed to June

Diagonal 2021 postponed

The Diagonal 2021 will be postponed. Il festival del cinema austriaco si terrà a Graz dall'8 al 13 June 2021. Following the measures announced by the federal government over the weekend to contain the rampant pandemic, the festival, with its numerous parallel projections and the necessary shifts, it no longer seems feasible for the date originally scheduled for March. Even at this early stage, preparations are proving to be very limited. The decision to postpone the Austrian Film Festival is above all a decision for the cinema, per Graz come location, per

“Fox under construction” will be the opening film of the Diagonale 2021


Fox under construction (AT 2020), the new feature film by director Arman T. Riahi, inaugura la Diagonale'21. The Austrian Film Festival is scheduled as an attendance event and will run under a strict Covid-19 security protocol from 16 al 21 March to Graz. On the biggest screen in the country - nella Helmut List Halle - the drama inspired by Wolfgang Riebniger's experiences as a support teacher in the Vienna-Josefstadt prison will be screened in two consecutive screenings on the opening night. Fuchs im Bau festeggia, therefore, la sua prima austriaca

SPECIAL # VENICE77 #12 – 2/12 SEPTEMBER 2020: (DAY 10) Nomadland by Chloé Zhao

Nomadland by Chloé Zhao, with an extraordinary FrancesMcDormnd holding up the entire feature film - Marina's review. (from Venice Marina Pavido - Photos are published courtesy of the Biennale) The McDormand, therefore, you know, who, Fern's clothes, a middle-aged woman who has been widowed for several years, who - following the closure of the factory she worked for - finds herself living inside a caravan in the remote lands of Nevada. To cross his path, a series of characters who like her have